This is a South Florida fitness experience like no other!. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, The Ultiamte Body Traininig system will effectivey make sure you reach your goals and take your body to the next level! 

Clear Your Mind of CAN'T!


For many years, David Goodman, owner of Ultimate Body Transformers, has been providing friendly, personal attention to his clients, helping them stay fit, active and healthy. He developed the Ultimate Body training system to help you reach all of your fitness goals and teaches you how to continue to live that healthy lifestyle at an optimal level.  Regardless of whether you've ever set foot in a gym before, done a beach workout before, or never even participated in gym class, David will listen to your needs and develop a customized workout for you to achieve your goals. Now ask your self:

When its time to go to the beach...

When its time to play a sport...

When its time to go to a class reunion...

When any occasion comes and you have to let others see your body and what kind of shape you are in...

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