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Ask about the AdovCare 24-DAY CHALLENGE!


A great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey!

Interested in Plant-based Dieting and Nutrirtion?

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Welcome to Ultimate Body Transformers Website!


Check out our fitness classes and  personal training before and afters. WLearn about how we teach plant based dieting and provide shopping trips to places like Whole Foods and Max Wellness. We do personalized meal plans and give ongoing support to keep our clients on track. Our workouts are designed to fit each individuals needs. We are passionate about making sure that everyone gets closer to their fitness goals with every session. We combine that with the best meal planning approach: focusing on reducing your intake of cholesterol, Eliminating empty calories, providing healthy alternatives to processed foods that cause weight gain and hinder your fitness program.


Our personal training experience is like no other! We focus on YOU! You get the Ultimate Body workout at whatever fitness level you are at from seniors group fitness to pro-athletes sports training we are ready to work with you today! So fill out our request form or give us a call to get a free trial workout and get started today on your ULTIMATE BODY TRANSFORMATION!


If you are interested in Plant-based dieting and need help with the transition we are here at Ultimate Body to assist you in doing it right. we specialize in making the lifestyle change more comfortable and we go as far as taking you right to the store and guiding you thru on a shopping trip so that you don't make any mistakes (or buy something not too tasty). We are a non-GMO facility and promote eating organic to help you get the foods in you that will continue your transformation long after uyou have left the gym. 


WE also provide a wide variety of classes for people of all ages and fitness capabilities!

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